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March 15 2019 2019 General Errata Release

MARCH 15, 2019

The NCVEC Question Pool Committee hereby Releases the SECOND & FINAL ERRATA
and Associated MSWord.docx File for the 2019-2023 General Class Question Pool

2019-2023 General Class Question Pool FINAL ERRATA.docx

2019-2023 General Class Question Pool FINAL RELEASE with Errata.docx

The delayed release of this Final Errata and Final Document Release is of no fault of the NCVEC Question Pool Committee.
There were a series of extenuating circumstances during February with the NCVEC web server,
that prevented a much earlier posting of this Final Pubic Errata.
The NCVEC regrets and apoligizes for this untimely delay.
Larry Pollock-NB5X
NCVEC Chairman

2019-2023 General Class Pool Errata March 15, 2019
The following changes have been made to the posted 2019-2023 General Class Question Pool released January 4, 2019.
Other minor formatting corrections have been made to the online document.

In the syllabus at the top of the pool:

G1 - Changed “61 Questions” to “64 Questions”

G6 - Changed “28 Questions” to “27 Questions”

In the pool itself:

G1B06 - Choice A, changed “takes” to “take”

G1D11 – Modified question to read: “What is required to obtain a new General Class license after a previously-held license has expired and the two-year grace period has passed?”

G1E03 - Choice C, replaced “maybe” with "may"

G1E08 – Deleted and replaced with the following:

G1E08 (B) [97.313(j)]
What is the maximum PEP output allowed for spread spectrum transmissions?
A. 100 milliwatts
B. 10 watts
C. 100 watts
D. 1500 watts


G1E11 - Deleted and replaced with:

G1E11 (D) [97.221, 97.305]
On what bands may automatically controlled stations transmitting RTTY or data emissions communicate with other automatically controlled digital stations?
A. On any band segment where digital operation is permitted
B. Anywhere in the non-phone segments of the 10-meter or shorter wavelength bands
C. Only in the non-phone Extra Class segments of the bands
D. Anywhere in the 6-meter or shorter wavelength bands, and in limited segments of some of the HF bands

G2B01 – Modified question and choice C.  It now reads as follows:

G2B01 (C) [97.101(b), (c)]
Which of the following is true concerning access to frequencies?
A. Nets always have priority
B. QSOs in progress always have priority
C. Except during emergencies, no amateur station has priority access to any frequency
D. Contest operations must always yield to non-contest use of frequencies

G2B08 - In the question, changed “station” to “stations”:

G2C04 - In the first half of distractor B, inserted a question mark at the end of "Are you operating full break-in?”

G3A01 - Replaced “about” with “with regard to”

G3C08 - Choice D, removed the “s” on propagation and added "the" before “F region”

G4B14 - Deleted "a” before digital readout

G4E10 - Choice B, changed "though" to "through"

G7 - added “SUBELEMENT” before “G7”

G8A06 - Deleted and replaced with:

G8A06 (D)
Which of the following is characteristic of QPSK31?
A. It is sideband sensitive
B. Its encoding provides error correction
C. Its bandwidth is approximately the same as BPSK31
D. All these choices are correct

G8C05 - Changed “an NAK” to “a NAK”

G8C08 - Choice B, replace “symbols” with “bit sequences”

G9B10 - Changed correct choice from “32 feet” to “’33 feet”

G9B11 - Changed correct choice from “131 feet” to “132 feet”

G0B12 - Placed a carriage return/line feed after “(C)”


January 4, 2019

The NCVEC Question Pool Committee hereby releases into Public Domain, the 2019-2023 FCC Element 3 General Class Question Pool
to be Effective July 1, 2019 for examinations in the Amateur Radio Service.

The 2019-2023 General Class Question Pool requires 1 Diagram - Figure G7-1, also released as part of the Question Pool.

2019-2023 General Class Question Pool.docx

2019-2023 General Class Question Pool.txt

2019-2023 General Class Question Pool.pdf

Required Graphic for Examination

CORRECTED DIAGRAM 1-6-2019 G7-1.pdf

CORRECTED DIAGRAM 1-6-2019 G7-1.jpg

VEC Members of the NCVEC 2018-2019 Question Pool Committee:

Chairman - Rol Anders, K3RA - Anchorage VEC

Ralph Roberts, W5VE - WCARS VEC

Maria Somma, AB1FM - ARRLVEC

Larry Pollock, NB5X - W5YI VEC

QPC Email:

The Question Pool Committee would like to remind the public that users of question pool documents are free to correct minor typographical or punctuation errors including minor omissions of same. Such corrections must not cause a change in the meaning of a question or any of the proposed answers to the questions. The FCC CFR 47 Part 97 Rules & Regulation citations contained in the pool are not part of the actual examination, but are included as a reference to the applicable section of the rules supporting the correct answer to the question. Any errors or future change to the FCC Part 97 Rules & Regulations that may cause a change in the citations are not considered an adequate reason for removal of a question from the pool, unless the rule change causes the question and/or the correct answer to become invalid.




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