2024- 2028 Extra Class Question Pool Release

Released January 31, 2024

The NCVEC Question Pool Committee hereby releases into public domain the 2024-2028 Element 4 Extra Class Question Pool.




Errata Issued January 31, 2024 

In the diagrams, one diagram modified: 

Diagram E9-3 – the Smith Chart has been rotated 90 degrees to the conventional horizontal orientation with infinity on the right. All pool documents (PDF, JPG, and Word) have been updated. 

In the pool itself, 1 question deleted and 5 questions modified: 

E1D07 – in the question change “group of” to “of the following” to read:

Which of the following HF amateur bands include allocations for space stations? 

E1F03 – replace answer D to read:

D. The amplifier is constructed or modified by an amateur radio operator for use at an amateur station 

E4D12 – in the question change “100 W” to “10 W” to read:

What is the link margin in a system with a transmit power level of 10 W (+40 dBm), a system antenna gain of 10 dBi, a cable loss of 3 dB, a path loss of 136 dB, a receiver minimum discernable signal of -103 dBm, and a required signal-to-noise ratio of 6 dB? 

E4D13 – in the question change “100 W” to “10 W” to read:

What is the received signal level with a transmit power of 10 W (+40 dBm), a transmit antenna gain of 6 dBi, a receive antenna gain of 3 dBi, and a path loss of 100 dB? 

E6A06 – in answer B add “the change in” before base current to read:

B. The change in collector current with respect to the change in base current


E9E10– removed from use

Question E9E10 is withdrawn from the pool and marked as deleted; the remaining questions in E9E were not renumbered, leaving 10 questions. 

In the pool itself, 2 questions FCC rule citation updated:

The citations do not affect the questions and are only included for reference. 

E1E10 – update the rule citation’s letter from “h” to “m” to read:

E1E10 (C) [97.509(m)] 

E1E11 – update the rule citation’s letter from “m” to “i” to read:

E1E11 (B) [97.509(i)]



Roland Anders, K3RA - Anchorage VEC

Chairman of NCVEC Question Pool Committee 

Members of the Committee:
Maria Somma, AB1FM - ARRL VEC
Larry Pollock, NB5X - W5YI VEC


You may submit feedback or questions to the QPC by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.