Mission Statement

In accordance with the laws and agreements that set up the VEC system, the VEC's have been tasked with certain requirements. They are:

1. To recruit, train and accredit a corps of VE's (Volunteer Examiners) and issue appropriate accreditation documents

2. To coordinate examination sessions as needed with accredited VE's.

3. To inform VE's of additions, changes, and deletions to the VE program rules.

4. To provide a source of license testing materials (exams) for all VE's accredited by their own group.

5. To provide a source of requisite forms required to correctly document the entire examination process.

6. To collect and archive successful applications, including all related documentation

7. To prepare and maintain records of each testing session, including passes, failures, etc.

8. To screen, approve, and forward successful applications to the FCC for further processing and issuance of licenses.

9. To resolve errors or defects in applications or documentation before the information is forwarded to the FCC.

10. To monitor the activities in all testing sessions, including having the authority to invalidate a testing session and decertify VE's should the need arise.

11. To assist in the development and/or revision of a common pool of test questions.

12. To evaluate test questions for clarity, accuracy, and completeness, and forward the results of their evaluations and their recommendations for any changes to the VEC question pool committee.